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After a heavy storm, a boy walked along the beach throwing the stranded starfish back into the sea.

A man watching shouted "there are too many of them - it won’t make any difference."

As the boy threw another starfish back into the sea, he smiled and replied "it made a difference to that one!"

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Star Throwers
30 Melton Road
Norfolk NR18 0DB

01953 423304


Centre is open Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm

Registered Charity in England & Wales
Number: 1162237

Star Throwers - Caring for people affected by Cancer



There are people who make a living by promising cancer sufferers treatments that have no basis on any factual scientific knowledge to back up their claims. Many alternative or complementary treatments such as massage or reiki can make you feel better both physically and emotionally and some patients undoubtedly find they help them and are therefore worthwhile. These treatments should not be confused with the claims of cure of many charlatans, that by taking a particular therapy (which is usually very expensive), you will be cured of your cancer. If possible we will try to give advice on any therapy you are offered, so before you spend your life savings or mortgage your home - contact us. As we come across these scams, they will be published on our website for the sole purpose of putting these people out of business.


Getting insurance to cover you while on holiday, once you have been diagnosed with cancer, is a nightmare.

You have to remember that all insurance companies are there to make money and therefore minimise their risk taking and unfortunately they load your premiums excessively. When they work out the cost of the insurance, some of the important points they take into account include 1. Whether your cancer has spread from its original place 2. If you are on pain killers. 3. if you have been an inpatient in the previous 6 months.

You are highly unlikely to get insurance at a reasonable rate if you travel to the USA or Canada, due to the high costs of healthcare. Therefore you are probably better off going somewhere in Europe or a Mediterranean cruise where you are more likely to get insurance cover .

We suggest that you contact your own insurance company first and if they refuse to cover you, try some or all of the companies listed below to get the best quote.

If you find any company particularly helpful, please let us know so we can spread the word.

Insure Cancer 01252 780190
Freedom Cancer 01223 454290
Free Spirit Solutions - speak to Mary Holt on 0239 2419081 who will work out a premium on an individual basis.
Pulse 01280 850666
Saga 0800 0158055
Its So Easy 0845 222 4205 for those under 60 years old (0845 222 2226 for those over the age of 60).
Cancer travel insurance 0845 8800163
All Clear 08712 088579
Insure Pink specialises in women with breast cancer 0800 0223213
Insure Blue specialises in men with prostate and testicular cancer 0800 0855011
Freedom Insurance Services Ltd 01223 446 915

Make sure you have a European Health Insurance card (EHIC) which you can get by ringing 0845 6002030. This will help you get medical care in most European countries at a reduced cost and sometimes free.

Useful Links

Commentary on cancer research, information on supplements and treatments, relevant book reviews, links to useful sites and other information that cancer sufferers, their families and friends may find useful.

Norfolk & Waveney's own Big C: www.big-c.co.uk
NHS Your Health - Your Choices: www.nhs.uk
Cancer Advice: www.canceradvice.co.uk
Macmillan Cancer Support: www.macmillan.org.uk