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After a heavy storm, a boy walked along the beach throwing the stranded starfish back into the sea.

A man watching shouted "there are too many of them - it won’t make any difference."

As the boy threw another starfish back into the sea, he smiled and replied "it made a difference to that one!"


Star Throwers Cancer Centre
30 Melton Road
Norfolk NR18 0DB

01953 423304


Centre is open Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm

Star Throwers Charity Shop
10 Middleton Street
Norfolk NR18 0AD

01953 798426


Registered Charity in England & Wales
Number: 1162237

Star Throwers - Caring for people affected by Cancer

Welcome to Star Throwers - empowering people living with cancer

Star Throwers is a cancer support charity based in Wymondham, Norfolk. We support people with cancer and their families to take back control of their cancer journey by raising awareness and understanding of their treatment options, including whether there are any alternative / non-conventional treatments or clinical trials that are worth exploring.  We also offer holistic supportive services to support their and their loved ones' wellbeing, including complementary therapies, counselling, nutrition / diet advice, and lymphoedema support, from diagnosis to during treatment and after treatment.

All of our services are completely free of charge but this is only possible thanks to the support of individuals and organisations donating, fundraising and volunteering to help us to deliver these services and continue to improve the wellbeing of those affected by cancer.

What we offer:

  • Independent Evidence-Based Information on treatment options, from standard treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapies, to complementary and alternative treatments, and clinical trials
  • Complementary Therapies including massage, reflexology, reiki, acupuncture, yoga, and hypnotherapy for wellbeing support
  • Lymphoedema Advice and Support for people with lymphoedema or those at risk of developing the condition
  • Counselling and access to a wellbeing psychologist at diagnosis, during treatment, in recovery, and for those in bereavement
  • Nutrition and Diet Advice through talks, demonstrations, and workshops on ways to support yourself nutritionally when faced with a cancer diagnosis. Can also provide a balanced view on conflicting information regarding different anti-cancer diets and foods
  • Support for Carers - all of the services above are available for carers too
  • A Homely, Friendly Centre - situated by a serene garden area.

Find out more about What We Do and our Services and Facilities.

To find out more about how we can help you if you have cancer or are supporting someone with cancer, please contact us on:

01953 423304 
or visit us at 30 Melton Road, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0DB

Donate/Help Us

All of the support we provide is completely free of charge, but this is only possible thanks to the support of kind and generous people fundraising and donating to our cause. We are a small local cancer charity that receives no statutory funding. Instead, we depend on individuals and businesses to donate and fundraise so that Star Throwers can continue to provide our support to cancer patients and their loved ones.

If you would like to help us to support more people with cancer, please visit our Help or Donate page.

The Star Throwers Guide To Cancer Book

The Star Throwers Guide To Cancer is a book written for cancer patients and their families/friends to provide scientifically-grounded information to help them navigate their cancer journey. It covers everything from the patient-doctor relationship, to diet, stress reduction, clinical trials, scientific papers, treatments abroad, ablative therapies and more. It is a handbook for the proactive patient, providing scientific information and the tools to make complex decisions at all stages of treatment. Written by Pan Pantziarka, a Trustee of Star Throwers.

All proceeds from the book will go to Star Throwers. The book is available as a paperback or in Kindle format. Click here for more information.

A Video Tour

Please note: This video was made in 2009. We now have 4 members of paid staff to ensure we deliver a high-quality service to our visitors. Additionally, to clarify, we have both male and female volunteers.

Star Throwers is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). See www.cqc.org.uk for more information.